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Consulting Services

The  IPv4 transfer market is growing rapidly. For many providers and companies it represents the  the next evolution of the "wild wild west" Internet, fraught with many pitfalls, scams and half-truths. IPs4Transfer. Our standalone consulting services include assessing the RIR registration records and relevant corporate transaction documents to identify and then quantify the effects of any errors (e.g., failure to list a successor to an M&A transaction not listed in the records), developing and executing strategies to effectively engage with the RIRs, ISPs and other third parties to address potential gaps in the "chain of title," and negotiating (on our clients behalf) with the RIRs, ISPs and other stakeholders.

IPs4Transfer services are available on "per use" basis or as part of an IP transfer engagement.  Contact us to find out more about how we can help you!

Conducting due diligence

As more and more sellers and buyers enter the IPv4 market, and more transfers occur, the risk of IP misuse, fraud and abuse grows. We only accept IPs that we determine are valid after they undergo our thorough due diligence process. We guarantee our inventory contains only address resources that have been vetted.

Developing go-to-market strategies

Whether and when to enter the market, setting minimum prices, and defining maximum levels of risk are all decisions that are unique to each seller. Each seller also possesses specific business attributes that can be leveraged to attract certain buyers or otherwise enhance the value of the available opportunities. We take the time and apply the effort to work with our clients to prepare market participation strategies that are best suited for them.

Matching buyers with sellers

We have successful experience working with ISPs, telcos, and cloud computing, enterprise hosting, outsourcing and other IT providers. The strategic relationships we have built over the years, and our reputation as trusted advisors, delivers exceptional value to sellers (our clients) and their buyers. 

Identifying value enhancing opportunities

We do not simply focus on asset sale transactions. We work with our sellers and their prospective buyers to determine how to maximize the value of each opportunity. Sometimes the best value proposition is not obvious. That’s where we can make the difference.

Structuring, negotiating and closing transactions

Resource transfer involves a complex negotiating process. We have a thorough understanding of the assets, and after negotiating some of the largest deals for the most demanding parties, we know how to fairly allocate the risks and responsibilities between the parties. We always strive to find solutions that bridge the gap between buyer and seller with the goal of closing a good deal for both.

Facilitating registration transfers

There are five regional Internet registries around the world, each with its own policies, almost none of them are the same. We use our comprehensive knowledge of each RIR’s transfer policies to navigate the transfer process – helping to ensure registration transfers happen smoothly and efficiently. That way, buyers and sellers can more quickly get back to running their businesses.

Maintaining IPv4 / IPv6 registry records and preserving entitlements

Internet number holders face many operational, financial and legal risks that can cause considerable harm to an organization if not understood and managed effectively. We help companies reduce these risks, and preserve and protect their IPv4 / IPv6 assets (whether or not participating in the market) by leveraging our significant experience with the RIRs and their policies.